Global Wine Score API

Global Wine Score is designed as a REST API for multiple clients : you can use it for your web app on computers as well as any mobile devices. A client is a program that will consume our API, that will use its endpoints and returned data.

You can do pretty much anything our web client can.

This will be most useful to integrate Global Wine Score capabilities into your own website, with your own layout and your own way of managing rights.

Search for a wine by name. The API return 1 unique score for that specific wine.

# Format

The entire API uses *JSON* encoded as *UTF-8*.

The body of responses is always a JSON object, and their content type is always `application/json; charset=UTF-8`.

If you wish to use the API please use the following form


If you prefer you can use our widget with our own design directly from any wine score page (tutorial how to use it here)

Would you like to use our API?